High Westеrn Rhodopes

This interactive map contains information for tourist routs and places of interest on the territory of Fishing area High Western Rhodopes falling within the boundaries of Batak, Devin and Dospat municipalities.

The region

The area covered by Local Action Fisheries Group “High Western Rhodopes” comprises the administrative territory of three municipalities – Batak, Devin and Dospat. The Fishing Area (FA) is Bulgaria’s leader in trout production. Almost the entire national quantities of rainbow trout is produced here, which on its own forms about half of the aquaculture produce of Bulgaria. The Fishing area is also a leader in the production of Balkan trout, which is naturally occurring in the country and is an attractive object of sports and leisure fishing. With its beautiful dams and emblematic rivers, which are popular for recreation and leisure fishing as well as for fishing competitions and event, FA “High Western Rhodopes” is by tradition a leading destination for fishing tourism and sports fishing. Preserved nature, numerous tourist attractions, nature phenomena and protected areas have made the fishing area a preferred destination for ecotourism too.

Tourist routes

The Interactive map contains information on selected tourist routes and trails within the fishing area falling on the territory of Batak, Devin and Dospat municipalities. Short information is presented for all included routes as well as photos and GPS data. Location is visualized on an up-to-date map. The map does not pretend for completeness as it visualizes only the routes and places considered as most interesting and attractive by local stakeholders.

GPS data files for the selected routes and places of interest can be freely downloaded from this webpage. GPS data can be viewed via specialized software or be uploaded on your personal GPS receiver for field use. All GPS data included in the map could be considered up-to-date as of mid 2015.

Places of interest

The map includes selected places of interest in Fishing area “High Western Rhodopes” – nature attractions, cultural and historical heritage sites and museums as well as suitable spots for leisure – fishing zones, recreational sports, restaurants etc. Visualization of data on the interactive map allows for selecting your preferred routes and destinations within the fishing area, as well as to receive some information on these in advance.