Beadnos stronghold


Suhiyat vrah (The Dry peak – 1432 m) north of Beden village keeps the remains of a medieval stronghold erected earlier than 11th century as part of the Rhodope fortification system alongside fortresses like Asenova krepost, Turlata and Gradishte. The peak offers magnificent views to Perelik peak, the valleys of Vacha and Shirokolashka rivers, Devinska and Batashka mountains, the hills of Mursalitza and Chernatitza. The stronghold had played an important role in safeguarding the nearby settlements and observing the roads passing through the Western Rhodopes in the past.



Beadnos had an irregular quadrangle form with a size of the walls 50×20 m, which leads to the conclusion that it was more likely a feudatory castle rather than a stronghold. It was surrounded by two rows of walls, the inner one made of stone and the outer made of pine wood.



Due to lack of funding for its restoration and exhibition, currently Beadnos fortress is conserved as an archeological object. The access to the site is via marked route from Beden village with a length of 3.3 km.