Dyavolskoto garlo cave


Dyavolskoto garlo (Devil’s throat) cave is located in the Trigrad groge, about 2 km north of Trigrad village. Dyavolskoto garlo cave was formed by the river falling under the ground from 42 m height, which has shaped a big hall called Buchashtata zala (The Roaring Hall). Its length is 110 m, the width is 40 m and the height reaches 35 m. Safe visits can be done in the cave and there are lights and safety facilities.


Dyavolskoto garlo cave could be entered via and artificially dug tunnel with a length of 150 m, startinf for the car park infront of the entrance. Thsi tunnel leads to “Buchashtata zala” and the base of the river stream. From there, 301 steps on meal stairs climb up on the side of the waterfall and lead to the old entrance on the surface. Some 400 down from “Dyavolskoto garlo” entrance, the underground river fall even deeper and lose in a siphon-gallery. The length of the latter is 150 m, and after it the waters of the river pass through a 60 m gallery and then the underground river leaves the cave and goes out on the surface again. “Dyavolskoto garlo” provides home to a colony of over 35000 bats, 4 species of which are protected. This makes the cave one of the biggest bat habitats in Bulgaria. “Dyavolskoto garlo” is subject of a number of legend and mythis dating back from Thracian times. One of them tells, that Orpheus used the cave to go down to the underworld of Hades, to save his beloved Eurydice.