Early Christian basilica – Barutin village

базилика Барутин
The basilica during excavation works

One of the oldest Christian basilicas in Rhodope mountains, alongside the one from Gela village, has been found in the surroundings of Barutin village. It dates back from fourth and fifth centuries. The archeological complex comprises of a Thracian consecrated ground, necropolis and a Christian basilica.



The basilica is located in an area known as “Chorkvata”, just over the main road connecting Barutin and Brashten villages. It has a length of 18.30 m and a width of 10.20 m. The walls of the basilica are made of stone, laid on a basement made of hand split stone slabs, soldered with grout and mixed with crushed pieces of bricks. The preserved height of the walls varies between 0.50 and 1.20 m.


No restoration activities have been carried for the time being, so nowadays the remains of the basilica are overgrown with vegetation.