Forest Center Chatama


Forest Center Chatama is located in a protected area with the same name, on the west side of Golyam Beglik water reservoir. It was established as a result of the mutual cooperation between Bikearea Association and Beglika State Forestry Unit, and its purpose is to function as an educational center, nature conservation initiatives, demonstration of sustainable development practices and tourism.



The center comprises seven buildings, which in the past were used for forestry purposes and until the 1980s were part of Chatama State Forestry. They were abandoned for nearly 30 years and left to ruin when in 2010 as part of a project implemented by Bikearea Association the buildings were renovated and equipped. Solar systems for water heating and electricity were also installed.



The Forest Center offers information about the region, as well as food, accommodation, mountain guides, rental of equipment, adventure camps for kids and others. The area also hosts one of the most popular summer festivals in the Western Rhodope – Beglika Fest

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