Fotinski waterfalls


The beautiful Fotinski waterfalls are located along Fotinska river, 4.2 km from Fotinovo village at 800 m altitude. Passing through a rocky patch, the river has formed a water cascade with three falls. The first is 6-7 m high, the second which is the highest, is 17-18 m and the third is 5-6 m. high. In he base of the first fall a pool had formed 5-6 m in diameter. A similar one exists in the second fall but it is smaller – about 4-5 m in diameter. The total height of the waterfall reaches 30 m. A marked trail leads to it using a forest dirt road.


Along the way, there are direction sign boards and recreational spots with pavilions, picnic tables and benches as well as fountains. Fotinski waterfalls are declared as nature monument and are protected by Law.