Haramiyska cave


Haramiyska cave hides itself in the rocks of Trigrad gorge, about 1 km from Trigrad village, opposite of the entrance of “Dyavolsko garlo” cave. Its length is about 500 m and actually consists of two caves separated by an abyss.


This landmark was firstly researched in 1924, and in 1977 experienced speleologists studied it more thoroughly. In 1983 archeological excavations were carried out which found traces of human activity dating back 4 000 years B.C. The findings include pottery, tools and looms dating back from the late Chalcolithic and the Bronze Age. Models of the primitive inhabitants are placed in the naturally lit entrance part and are one of the attractions in Haramiyska cave.



The entrance of the cave could be accessed after a 20 m climb on vertical rock. A sloping section follows secured with safety metal rope. The cave has several small halls, which are not lit up, and should be entered with personal lighting and protective wear. The entrance to one of them is very narrow and could be passed crawling. The most interesting part then follows – dropping into a 43 m deep abyss the bottom of which is covered in stone blocks. This hall is naturally lit up through the second entrance of the cave that is in fact its exit. From there, a different path offering panoramic views of the Rhodopes leads back to the car park of Dyavolsko garlo. Admission to Haramiyska cave can only be done by guides and specialized equipment booked in advance. For more information: 0888 314 658, 0899 982 511.