Kaleto stronghold – Nova mahala


Kaleto (1470 m) is a beautiful forested summit rising on the northern slopes of the Rhodopes about 2 km from Nova mahala village. Historical data reveal that the first known inhabitants of the lands in the region were the Thracians from the Bessi tribe. One of the evidences for their presence is the remains of a stronghold known as Novomahlensko kale situated on the peak with the same name. A distinct feature of the stronghold is that to a large extent the stronghold walls were built of local monolith rocks abundant in the area.



It could be assumed that the stronghold was somehow related to mining and/ or with the safeguard of the road linking Gornotrakiyska lowland with Aegean Sea. Nowadays, the meadows under the summit are a popular place of recreation and local community fairs. The recreational spots built, reveal panoramic views of the region and also Batak water reservoir.