Museum exhibition – Devin


The museum collection was established by the Local Community Association (Chitalishte) “Rodopska prosveta – 1923” in the town of Devin. It was formed by the numerous arecheological findings and historical monuments found during research and excavation work in the town and the region. The items are exhibited in four thematic halls: Archeology (Classical Antiquity), Medieval History, Ethnography, livelihoods and culture; and Pictures and Documents. The museum exposition preserves over 2000 pieces of local and national significance.



The building of “Rodopska prosveta – 1923” is located in the center of Devin – 1 “Orphey” Str. and admission to the museum exhibition is subject to payment of entrance fee. For contacts and more information:, e-mail:, Tel: 03041 23 19