Protected area Chairite


Protected area “Chairite” is located at 1400 m altitude about 10 km from Trigrad village. It includes 7 landslide lakes, preserved from the Quaternary era. The lakes are exceptionally beautiful surrounded by over 200 ha of meadows, which is where their names come from (the word “chair” is of Turkish origin and means “meadow”). The most famous is Sinyoto ezero (the Blue lake) surrounded by an old forest. One of the lakes is called the Magic lake. Legends about it say that it was inhabited by fairies, which with their songs and dances enchanted the shepherds. Close by is Piyanata gora (the Drunken forest). The trees there are twisted, bended and with strange shapes due mainly to the fact that they grow on a landslide.


Numerous rare plant species occur on the turf islands of Chairski lakes. Next to the lakes is situated Chairski ezera mountain hut offering food, accommodation and additional tourist services (