Samodivsko praskalo waterfall


Samodivskoto praskalo waterfall, known also as “Struilski dol” is one the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated at 897 m altitude and is a cascading waterfall with a total height of about 45-50 m. Best time for visit is the spring season when waters are high as in dry periods the waterfall almost dries out.


The waters forming it stream into a lovely creek flowing into Devinska river. Just above it is Samodivska polyana (Fairies’ meadow). Legends tell about young girls, which after the fall of Devin town in the hands of the ottomans threw themselves into the precipice and turned into fairies. During the siege of Kaleto stronghold located nearby, its last defenders left it in the dark using a secret narrow path cut into the rocks. Ottoman soldiers ran after them, but mysterious women voices enticed them info the waterfall and they died falling into the abyss. Local people still claim that strange voices could be heard around the waterfall after nightfall.