Shiroka polyana water reservoir


Shiroka polyana water reservoir is located some 30 km from Batak and 20 km from Dospat at 1500 m altitude. The area around the water reservoir offers a number of picturesque bays, sunny meadows and century-old forests, which have been the reason for the designation of several protected areas: Protected site “Shiroka polyana, Protected site “Kaval tepe”, Protected site “Slancheva polyana” and Protected site “Studenata chuchurka”. The shape of the water reservoir is unique – viewed from the road going round it, it looks like it comprises several small reservoirs with different water reservoir walls. This illusion is caused by the rugged terrain of the water reservoir’s bed, comprising several mountain ravines. The sides of the water reservoir offer several suitable spots for recreation, camping, sports and leisure fishing. There are also villas, holiday houses and restaurants.



The water reservoir falls on the territory and under the jurisdiction of “Shiroka polyana” State Forestry Unit, which issues permissions for fishing, firewood collection, herb and mushroom collection, as well as access permits to some roads/ sites in the area.