Sveta Nedelya Church – Batak



“Sveta Nedelya” Church was erected in 1813 for just 75 days with the volunteer work of Batak citizens. The church has a cross shaped structure with dome, built entirely of stone, oak doors and is surrounded by tall stone walls.


During the April Uprising from 1876, “Sveta Nedelya” happened to be the last fortress of the Batak rebels, whose fierce defense lead to the Batak slaughter. About 2000 Bulgarians – mainly women, children and elderly people, lost their lives in the church slaughter by the Ottoman army.


After Bulgaria’s liberation from the Ottoman empire Sveta Nedelya church was no longer used for worship and services – it keeps the bones of the dead in the Batak slaughter. In 1955 the temple was declared a State Museum and in 1977 – a Bulgarian national heritage monument.

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