Teshel hut


Teshel hut is a tourist house, located in Teshel area next to the junction on the Devin – Dospat main road to Trigrad village. It is a complex of two buildings with a total capacity of 72 beds and is part of European tourist route E-8. The hut avails a restaurant, buffet, a garden with pavilions and barbecue, sports field and a car park.



Teshel hut is situated 11 km from Devin town, 42 km from Smolyan and 7 km from Borino village. Neighbouring tourist attractions in clude: “Trigradski skali” Hut – 10 km (2.20 hours); Yagodinska cave – 7km, St. Iliya peak – 1.40 hours, Dyavolsko garlo cave – 9 km, Mugla village – 2 hours. The Hut is managed by Tourism Association “Rodopeya” – Yagodina village.