Thracian sanctuary “Dzhenevra”


The remains of an ancient Thracian sanctuary and a stronghold in “Dzhenevra” area are located at “Manastira” peak at about 1700 altitude. According to historians it dates back from 3rd century B.C. at the times of Philip V of Macedon. The temple has served the Bessi Thracian tribe which inhabited this part of the mountain. Its priests had for a long time also ruled the famous during the Antiquity temple of God Dionysus. Archeologists argue that of all 17 rock sanctuaries found in the Western Rhodope so far, this is without a doubt the biggest, with the most fascinating architecture.


The whole complex spreads over 0.2 ha where the cult part is surrounded by a 2 m thick and tall wall built of huge stone blocks without solder. The total length of this wall is about 150 m. According to scientists, the findings in the sanctuary and in throughout the region support the hypothesis that the temple of Dionysus was probably located in Dzhenevra.