Valchi kamak (Wolve’s stone)


The area known as Valchi kamak (Wolve’s stone) is located northeast of Gyovren village, at 1600 m altitude, on Chamliya hills surrounded by Muglenska and Chairdere rivers. The name originates from a legend for wolves which gathered above the village and howled to warn its inhabitants for upcoming earthquakes. Valchi kamak opens up a magnificent view of the “tail” of Trigrad gorge, which starts 1.5 km north of Trigrad village and moves north to Gyovren village 7 km along Trigradska river.


Close to Gyovren village the gorge is wider, the limestone hills are studded with diverse carst forms or covered with spruce and fir forest at places. Valchi kamak could be reached on foot or with a 4X4 vehicle via dirt roads through beautiful forests and meadows. A view tower is developed on the top revealing magnificent sceneries of the Rhodopes. In clear skies and air the bordering mountains in Greece as well as Pirin mountain could be observed.