Ecotrail Lakata – Kaleto – Devinska river


This is an alternative to the main ecotrail going along Devinska river, which starts off form Lakata and climbs up the northeastern slope over the river. After about 1 km the area known as “Kaleto” is reached, which hosts the remains of the famous Rhodope stronghold Kavurskoto Kale.


The stronghold existed in the period 6th to thirteenth century and was taken by the ottomans after a long siege. Due to lack of funding the stronghold restoration activities have not been undertaken so far. It is however proclaimed as a national heritage site od local importance and is under the protection of the Law on cultural heritage and museums.


A steep path going down from Kaleto leads to the main route of the ecotrail along Devinska river. The total length of the ecotrail is 2.2 km.