Ecotrail Struilitza – Lakata


This is the most popular trail in the region for the local people and Devin’s visitors, established by State Hunting Enterprise “Izvora”. The trail is marked, with direction and information boards and recreational spots with fountains, pavilions, fireplaces and toilets along the way. It starts off from the popular pools with warm mineral water in the area called “Struilitza” and leads to “Lakata” where the remains of a medieval settlement were found.


Along the way, interactive hanging metal bridges allowing walking around the rocks in the river canyon itself as well as passing safely through the river have been set. The ecotrail to “Lakata” has a length of 2.9 km and altitude difference of about 65 m making it easy to access by all tourists.

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“Porechieto na reka Devinska” (“The valley of Devinska river”) is a protected site with an area of 136.7 ha. It protects habitats of the otter and the ibex, while the rocks around host plants such as Haberlea rhodopensis Friv., Lathrea rhodopea Dingl., Campanula lanata Friv., Galanthus nivalis L. and others. Although protected, the area has a specially designated zone with a length of about 3 km allowing fishing of Balkan trout subject of payment a fee to SHU “Izvora”. These revenues cover in part the costs for maintenance and fish restocking which is done annually.

More information about fishing opportunities could be obtained by Tel. (03041) 23-93/22-30 or