Golyam Beglik round tour


Golyam Beglik water reservoir (former “Vassil Kolarov”) is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for recreation and fishing in the Western Rhodope. The water reservoir was built in 1951 on Kriva river for providing water for irrigation of the lowlands around Plovdiv city, but afterwards was also used as a source for a Hydro Power Plant. It is located on the main road linking the towns of Batak and Dospat, where the road passes over the water reservoir wall.


A route with a total length of 25 km goes round the water reservoir passing through different protected areas, recreational and fishing spots as well as camping sites. The round trip gives the opportunity to visit picturesque areas “Samodivska polyana”, “Chatama” and “Batlaboaz”. The route starts from the water reservoir wall. From there it goes west, where at the beginning the road is paved with asphalt, and after the holiday house of KZU turns into a gravel road. You first reach “Samodivska polyana” after which the road continues west to Cherno dere river wich is crossed over a massive stone bridge. The next stop is “Chatama” area where there is drinking water, recreational spots and a shelter in the Forest Center. From “Chatama” the route continues south-east and reaches Zhalto dere (there a new road turns right going to Sartnitza village). Going forward over the gravel road in eastern direction for about 3-4 km would lead you to the picturesque area known as “Batlaboaz”. The beautiful meadows with a view of the island offer wonderful picnic opportunities.


From “Batlaboaz” the distance to Batak – Dospat main road is about 5 km where this road would lead you the starting point of the route.

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